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Project Overview

Vone has a revolutionary idea behind as a messaging service. It is completely based on microservices thus doesn't generate any cost for the back-end support if the application is not in use. The database is also on demand. Vone will have support for all mobile versions and include also web and desktop versions. A few of the unique Vone features are:

  • It is impossible to block Vone as a service anywhere in the world
  • Organic scaling/descaling with just a minimal server side maintenance costs
  • Availability anywhere with the same identity


Project Team

8 Members


Artashes Margaryan



Given Time

8 Months

Used Technologies

We had a nice idea and we were reaching out various companies for implementation. After talking with around 5 local IT companies I had a fear that they won't be able to make the implementation in a way we want. After a meeting with Innorise team I cancelled all my appointments. Since in just one meeting they improved our idea to actually become a revolutionary thing. We work with them for 4 months now and my level of satisfaction is constantly getting higher.

Artashes Margaryan

Founder at CodeBridge

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